Romanian Gypsy stole phone

Gypsy stole Glaxy s5 Brand new from shop in UK.
I posted this video and I just posted because whatever happened in that shop so people can watch and can share the video. So they will be aware from these types of people. Its very hard to earn money but Thieves can earn quick with shame. People are working hard to support theirselves and  their family. They are so into their work and sometime they can't judge people that which is nice person and which one is thief. I AM NOT BLAMING ANYONE. WHAT I SAW AND HEARED, I SHARED IN THIS VIDEO.   it was Sunday and my colleague and my boss was working on that day. Two guys came in store and asked that you have any brand new phone for sale. He got Samsung s5 and he showed them. Boss said to them that it is brand new phone and if you want to buy it then open the box otherwise leave it. Gypsy said he got cash and he will definitely buy it. So they opened the box and Samsung s5 phone is heavier with battery. in the end they said that they were short of cash. So leave the phone in different bag and they will come back and they will buy  it. Boss asked for little deposit so they paid £10 for phone. So no one doubted it.       After two or three weeks someone come to buy same phone and I was there and boss said to me there is phone in box and two guys came to buy it but they never turns back. when I opened the box and there was no phone. Boss checked everywhere but can't find it. So I checked video when they came then we find out that they stole it. I asked from boss who they were then he told me that When they were talking then they said they are from Romania.      Other guy was working only on Sunday. Whatever is in cctv and whatever I found I put into in description.